Interior Decorating and Interior Styles

Many people have a question in their minds about what the difference is between interior design and interior decorating. There is no real difference in the sense; that interior design focuses on the architectural elements of the home, and; decorating focuses on the designing aspect of the house. However, over there are differences in the styles of interior design as well.

Difference can attributed to the use of color

The first interior style that came about known as the Pop Art movement. This is the time when artists and individuals would paint their walls using bright colors and small patterns. In this kind of environment, people were able to experiment with new ideas for interior design.

You see, interior decorator was able to take this style and give it a more contemporary feel with this interior design style, the “pop” effect made to create a somewhat minimalist look. You will often find someone who has used this interior style to create a natural beauty to the room. This is because it is not entirely dark and painted white. The overall effect is softer than what you would expect from a style of interior design.

Movement came a new focus on colors

Again, with the use of bright colors, more emphasis was put on the overall look rather than the theme or design of the room. This style, however, was also called Retro Interior Design. What was changed here was the color scheme, but this is not the first time an interior decorator style had color schemes. There are already many interior decorating styles that uniquely use color.

There are even some instances where color used to change the theme of a room. This is very much in line with the home decorating world, which uses color to bring out the idea of a place. For instance, if you want to change the color scheme in a bedroom, it would be like changing the room’s theme. All of the other elements would remain in the place, such as furniture and carpeting.

Another modern trend in interior design that done with this style was to turn more to fabric to enhance the look of the room. Another concept that tried was a room that had an immaculate and smooth feel. Once again, this style created using bright colors.

Many different interior styles can used

They can range from high end, multi-million dollar homes to mid-range homes to modest houses. It all depends on the individual and the preferences of the person. Once again, when it comes to interior decorating, it all depends on the style.

When it comes to interior decorating, you do have a lot of options. One of the many choices is to use an internal style, or two methods, as well as a complementary color scheme. This is all up to the individual and the tastes of the person that is doing the interior decorating.